Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery

Velos Lawyers can assist you in recovering your debt. We help various clients with both large and small debtor lists and we assist in the recovery of secured and unsecured debts. We understand that every client has a different objective and we will work with you, within your limits to achieve the best result possible.

Depending on the nature of the debt we can assist in the following ways:

  • Letters of Demand
  • Notice to Pay or Quit
  • Mediation and Alternate Dispute Resolution
  • Suing for Debt
  • Instalment Orders
  • Warrant for Possession
  • Warrant for Seizure and Sale
  • Summons to Attend Oral Examination
  • Attachment of Earnings
  • Garnishee Order
  • Bankruptcy
  • Winding Up Debtor Company
  • Registration of Caveat on Debtor land

Our team understands that debt recovery is often an extremely stressful process for the creditor as well as the debtor.  Our debt recovery team is customer service focused and will guide you through debt recovery process enabling you to provide appropriate instructions for cost effective outcomes.

Debt recovery proceedings are undertaken on a regular basis in all  jurisdictions.

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